Facing Employment Tribunals


When facing dismissal it can be daunting taking your employer to a tribunal. It's easy to feel out of your depth but this is where we can help. By providing you with a step-by-step guide the whole process will feel less overwhelming and will give you a greater chance of winning your case.

This can involve taking witness statements and gathering the relevant documentation. Ideally you should do this as early as possible while people's memories of the events are fresh and while information is still relevant. The more information you gather the better.

This doesn't mean you have to represent yourself in the tribunal. In fact getting legal representation is advisable as we can point out both the strengths and weaknesses in your argument and have considerable experience when it comes to employment tribunal cases.

Whilst there is no charge for a tribunal case you will have to pay your own legal fees. The other party may be ordered to pay these costs but only if the tribunal decides they have acted 'unreasonably' during the case.

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