Unfair Dismissal


If you feel you have been unfairly dismissed then there are a number of procedures you can follow to appeal the decision. We can provide advice on how to follow your employer's dismissal or disciplinary procedure. However if this doesn’t work you may be able to take the case to a tribunal, provided you make your claim within three months of being dismissed.

You may be entitled to compensation, which can be awarded by the employment tribunal. If you are successful in your claim we will be able to calculate how much you should be entitled to. Our experience with employment law including employment contracts means we can work out whether you do have a case.

Cases of unfair dismissal may relate to maternity, family reasons, union issues, discrimination, pay and working hours. Your employer might have a genuine reason to let you go so it's important to make sure you've got a case to make if you decide to appeal the decision.

There are certain situations where constructive dismissal will occur. This is when you resign after the employer has broken significant terms in the contract, and even if this is the case you may still be entitled to compensation.

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