We understand that making a Will is sometimes considered to be stressful and/or upsetting but we aim to make the task as painless as possible by taking a friendly and sympathetic approach. By doing so we can help with the preparation of a bespoke Will for you to ensure your wishes take effect upon your death.

During our meeting we will discuss your family and financial circumstances together with what you would like to happen to your estate. We will also advise on Inheritance Tax and other concerns you may have to ensure the Will we prepare for you is in accordance with your wishes.

Common assumptions about wills

Research has highlighted that almost everyone makes the wrong assumption over who would benefit if they died without a Will.

  • Most married people assume their spouse ‘automatically’ inherits everything they own, with or without a Will.

This is not true.

  • Most unmarried couples also assume that they have the same legal rights to inherit as a married couple.

This is not true either.

Unmarried couples have no guaranteed rights to inherit at all, and married couples can only guarantee to inherit everything if there is a Will.

Even the most sensible of us often think that making a Will is something to do ‘when I’m older’ or that making a Will is somehow morbid. Do you know that if you don’t have a Will to ensure your wishes are carried out, a Law from 1925 decides who inherits your possessions after you die? It’s hard to imagine that a decree that is almost a century old reflects how you would like your family or friends to be treated.

Clarity at a difficult time

Tens of thousands of people every year have their bereavement compounded by the fact that their loved ones left no clear instructions on how their estate should be dealt with in the event of their death, and face court battles and large expenses to try and solve the puzzle.

Making Will writing stress free

We assist you through every stage of the process, helping you to understand the legal processes and paperwork involved, as well as advise on ways to ensure your loved ones get the most from their inheritance.

Reasons for making a will

There are many specific reasons for writing a will, including:

Providing for Minors

Unmarried Couples

Divorced Partners

Updating Assets

Who gets the Pets?

Funeral Plans

Sharing Specific Wishes

Overseas Property

Shared Property & Mortgages

Change in Circumstances

Small Business Ownership

Authorise Payments to 3rd Parties

What will having a Will mean?


Provide for friends or charities or other organisations in your Will, which would not benefit if you died intestate (i.e. die without leaving a Will).


Ensure adequate provision for those financially dependent on you.


Help prevent disputes within the family by making your wishes clear.

Tax liabilities

Help with minimising tax liabilities after your death in some circumstances.

Financial security

Make special provisions for children who may have health, matrimonial or financial problems, and ensure that the wrong people do not get their hands on your money.

Peace of mind

Have peace of mind that you have chosen someone who you personally trust to act as Executor, follow your wishes and ensure they are carried out.


Set out your funeral wishes (no matter how straight-forward or unusual they are!).


Appoint the right guardians to have parental responsibility of your dependants or children under the age of 18.

Sentimental value

Decide who should receive particular items that have a sentimental value, rather than all of your personal possessions being treated the same way.

Let's talk

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